Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cramer Trade: FCX

The Cramer was bullish on FCX in last night's lightning round. I pulled up the chart and liked what I saw. Bullish volume on the recent uptrend shows that the stock is under accumulation. I used today's weakness to buy 750 shares at $63.91.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Cramer on Pepsi's Healthy Snacks

Cramer has not been a big believer of Pepsi's push for healthy snacks. However, a recent visit to a Frito-Lay plant changed the Cramer's mind. If you buy the healthy snack thesis, PEP might be a good buy at current levels or a retest of the 200 day moving average at $62.50.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Cramer Said It . . .

“I'm not just here to tell you about stocks. I'm here to teach you to think like Cramer!”

Jim Cramer

Cramer Loves Ingersoll Rand!

The Cramer, on yesterday's Mad Money, announced that CAT, IR, BA, UTX, DE and FCX were all buys at current levels.

While Cramer is a genius to the infinite power, I still must mildly disagree on the buy point for IR. The stock is technically rockin' and rollin'. The fifty day moving average is trending up, MACD just crossed over and the stock annihilated double bottom resistance at $44. Still, the stock is extended. I will wait for a pullback before buying. Booyah!

Cramer Sell: RIG

Sold 500 shares RIG @ $82.10

Total Profit = $1775

We originally bought 1000 shares @ $78.55 on March 21st and are still holding onto 500 shares.

Cramer + CramerTrader = Mad Profits !!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Booyah for Drug Stocks?

Over on his blog at realmoney.com, Cramer's thinking drug stocks might be coming back into play. The only way I'll trade a stock like WYE is if it breaks the 50 day moving average on high volume.

Cramer Buy: RIG

1000 shares RIG @ $78.55.

The Best in the West is Texas!

Cramer broadcast Mad Money live from the University of Texas's McCombs School of Business, and used it as yet another opportunity to remind us that we need to own an oil driller. What driller should I pick, Mr. Cramer? Why of course, it's Transocean (RIG), the biggest and best driller out there.

We never leap before we look, and always do our homework before p
lacing a trade. In our case, that means taking a look at the technicals. I like the fact that RIG crossed over the 50 day moving average and looks to have formed a short term double bottom featuring a higher low. I plan to take a small position tomorrow at current levels and buy more on a pullback to $75-76.